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Los Palés son obstáculos interactivos de Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

Uso[editar | editar código]

Estados[editar | editar código]

Los palés tienen dos estados: levantados y tumbados. Al comienzo de la partida, todos los Palés están en posición levantada, por lo que tanto Supervivientes como el Asesino pueden atravesar el área que los rodea sin necesidad de interactuar con ellos. Los Asesinos son incapaces de interactuar con los Palés en este estado, pero los Supervivientes tienen la opción de tumbarlos y crear un obstáculo para el Asesino, que solo puede ser saltados por los Supervivientes, de manera similar a una Ventana IconHelp window.png.

Ruptura[editar | editar código]

El Asesino, por norma general, no puede saltar Palés, pero tiene la opción de destruirlos permanentemente interactuando con ellos (por defecto: ESPACIO, R1 o RB).

Romper un Palé muestra una pequeña animación en la que el Asesino lo destruirá con su pie, mano o su arma. Esta acción obstruirá momentáneamente su visión, ya que la cámara se inclinará hacia abajo hasta que se destruya el Palé, lo que le dará al sobreviviente la oportunidad de esconderse de su vista. También otorga la oportunidad al Superviviente de cegar fácilmente al Asesino con una Linterna IconItems flashlight.png, ya que éste se encuentra bloqueado en la animación y no puede apartar su mirada para tratar de evitar la cegera.

Tanto el Pueblerino como el Caníbal, ambos haciendo uso de sus Motosierras, pueden también destruir un Palé con ellas.

Aturdimiento de palé[editar | editar código]

Si un Asesino está dentro del área, un Palé lo bloqueará cuando un Superviviente lo tumbe, serán empujados hacia atrás y aturdidos durante un periodo corto, de nuevo obstruyendo su visión ya que su cámara se inclinará. Esta acción otorgará al sobreviviente una cantidad considerable de puntos de sangre en la categoría de Audacia.

Agarre en palé[editar | editar código]

Un Superviviente en Estado Herido IconHelp injured.png puede ser agarrado por el Asesino en mitad del salto y ser subido a su hombro pulsando el botón de ataque (por defecto: M1, R2 o RT), poniéndolos instantáneamente en Estado Agonizante IconHelp dying.png sin haber caído.

Localización[editar | editar código]

The location of a Pallet or a Pallet Cluster varies with the procedural Map generation and usually differs between two iterations of the same Map.

Rutina de aparición[editar | editar código]

Pallets will spawn at least either 14, 16, 18 or 20 metres away from each other.

Sitios fijos[editar | editar código]

Although Pallets are procedurally generated at the start of the trial, some that are located near or inside of Landmarks have predefined locations that do not change between Map iterations.

Estrategia[editar | editar código]

Pallet density depends heavily on the Map and sometimes on the Realm. Maps in Realms such as Autohaven Wreckers are known for having large clusters of Pallets (usually towards the centre). While some particular Maps, such as Shelter Woods and Lampkin Lane, largely lack in them. Then some Maps in Realms like the Crotus Prenn Asylum have a randomised Pallet generation in specific areas, changing noticeably between map iterations.

Pallets are an invaluable, yet limited resource due to their utility.

Enfermera[editar | editar código]

The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png avoids Pallet Stuns completely while blinking, even if the Survivor gets the points for stunning. For this reason, it is often better to not use Pallets against her, unless if she is carrying a Survivor.

This is for technical reasons, as the Nurse's Blink is one giant animation from the start of her charging a Blink to her coming out of the post-Blink Fatigue. Such animations cannot be prematurely interrupted (like the Chainsaw Sprint can) and thus are unaffected by outside influences.

However, she can be stunned whilst charging a blink, and will also lose the charge on her Blink. She can also be stunned when in the post-blink state, nullifying her attack and chain-blink ability. From the Survivor's point of view, she gets a normal stun animation. However, from the Killer's perspective, a normal stun animation will play, followed by a short fatigue-like looking down.

Espectro[editar | editar código]

The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png while cloaked can still be pallet stunned. If performed, the Wraith will have a longer animation of being stunned, and he will also become visible. It can be also stacked with pallet stunned when the process of uncloaking is slowed by flashlight.

The Wraith can also break pallets while invisible, this will cause an effect on the nearly invisible Wraith and make him shimmer with the Entity (similarly looking to the Legacy effect) until the end of the animation .

Pueblerino[editar | editar código]

If timed correctly, a chainsaw-sprinting Hillbilly can be pallet stunned. However, this is not advised as the timing has to be very exact and the window is small. Any miscalculation on the Survivor's side could end up in one of two consequences. First, if the Survivor drops the pallet too early, the chainsaw will break the pallet and the Survivor will have to find another way to escape from him. Second, if the Survivor drops the pallet too late, the chainsaw will put the Survivor into the dying state unless the Hillbilly was equipped with a Speed Limiter add-on.

Caníbal[editar | editar código]

If timed correctly, a chainsaw-attack Cannibal can be pallet stunned, preventing him from going into a tantrum. The timing was the same as dealing with Hillbilly, albeit the time window is slightly larger due to the Cannibal's approach on normal speed. Any miscalculation on the Survivor's side could end up in one of two consequences. First, if the survivor drops the pallet too early, the chainsaw will break the pallet and it has a chance for the Cannibal to go into a tantrum. Second, if the Survivor drops the pallet too late, the chainsaw will put the Survivor into the dying state unless the Cannibal was equipped with a Speed Limiter add-on.

La Legión[editar | editar código]

The Legion is the first Killer to be able to vault over pallets instead of breaking them. During Feral Frenzy, the Destroy Pallet interaction is replaced with "Vault". They perform a vault similar to a Fast Vault as known of Survivors. They will always do fast vaults, no matter the angle.

La Plaga[editar | editar código]

The Plague can infect both upright or pulled Pallets, making them risky for Survivors to use.

Memento Mori[editar | editar código]

Some in-progress animations, such as Memento Moris IconHelp mementoMori.png, cannot be cancelled by Pallet Stuns.

Enduring[editar | editar código]

The Enduring IconPerks enduring.png Perk can be used by Killers to lessen the impact of Pallet and Perk stuns.

Carrying[editar | editar código]

A Killer carrying a Survivor can be stunned by Pallets. If stunned while holding a Survivor, the Killer will drop the Survivor into the Injured State IconHelp injured.png, giving them time to escape. This only happens when the Killer is able to move as the animation to pick up a Survivor cannot be cancelled.

Trivial[editar | editar código]

  • In the Game files, it is revealed that at some point during development, Pallets would have been Bookshelves.

Galería[editar | editar código]

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