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La Forma
SH charSelect portrait.png
Michael Myers
"Hombre del Saco" | "Acechador"
Mal Interior
Cuchillos de Cocina
105% | 4.2m/s (MI I)
Velocidad alternativa
115% | 4.6m/s (MI II & III)
The HALLOWEEN® Chapter
Actor de voz
Frédéric Poirier
Referencia interna
Slasher Character 05

Algunos humanos no son más que manzanas podridas. Manzanas podridas imbuidas de maldad pura. Michael Myers es uno de ellos. No tenía remordimiento alguno por provocar dolor a los demás. Al contrario, es exactamente lo que pretendía. Pero la vida puede ser dura para quienes tienen la mente abrumada por el terror. La diferencia está en cómo se enfrenta cada uno a esos problemas.

En el caso de Michael, tenía que matar para encontrar algo de paz interior. Cuando le arrebató la vida a su hermana, policía encontró a un niño callado vestido de payaso en la escena del crimen. Cuando alguien se topa con fuego, no le hecha gasolina. Pero fue la decisión de la policía, que no tenía ni idea de cómo afectaría al demonio que habitaba dentro de niño. Las terapias infructuosas y los alaridos nocturnos solo consiguieron hacerlo más introvertido y perturbado. Todo el mundo esperaba que Michael Myers se quedase allí, olvidado y enterrado, un error que se pudriría allí dentro. Pero entonces… se escapó.

Michael Myers es uno de los 17 Asesinos en Dead by Daylight

Overview[editar | editar código]

The Shape is a haunting Killer, intent on monitoring Survivors from a distance to feed his Power. The more he stalks, the stronger and faster he becomes.

His personal Perks, Save the Best for Last [[File:|32px|link=Save the Best for Last]], Play with Your Food [[File:|32px|link=Play with Your Food]], and Dying Light IconPerks dyingLight.png, select one Survivor to become his Obsession and will trigger deadly effects based on the Obsession Status.

His Perks are focused around Obsessions, just like Michael Myers is obsessed with killing, the Killer picks a Survivor, and tags them as his Obsession.

Difficulty rating: Intermediate (Community) / Hard (Developer)
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play him and use his Power effectively)

Lore[editar | editar código]

SH charPreview.png

Some humans are simply bad seeds. Seeds infused with a distilled and pure form of evil.

Michael Myers is one of those seeds. He had no issues with causing the pain of others. Instead, it was exactly what he sought. But even life can be tough on those with minds filled with terror. The difference is just how one goes about to solve those problems. For Michael, he had to kill to find some inner peace. As he took his sister’s life, the police found a silent boy dressed as a clown at the scene.

When one stumbles upon a growing fire, one does not pour gasoline on it. But this was an action taken by officials that had no idea how it would shape this demon in the boy's body. Sending Michael to a mental institution was a feeble attempt to save the child. Unsuccessful therapy and nightly screams just made him even more introverted and deranged.

People hoped that Michael Myers would end up a parenthesis, soon to be forgotten and buried, a failure that soon were to rot away. But then...he escaped.

The Shape's Perks[editar | editar código]

These are Perks which start off only appearing in The Shape's Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png. After achieving Level 30, Teachable versions of these Perks can be found:

  • Save the Best for Last - Level 30
  • Play with Your Food - Level 35
  • Dying Light - Level 40

Once obtained, other Killers will be able to find The Shape's Perks in their respective Bloodwebs from that point onwards

Save the Best for Last Descripción de habilidad desconocida. Por favor, agregue la descripción en Plantilla:Perk desc
Play with Your Food Te obsesionas con un superviviente.

Cada vez que persigas a tu obsesión y la dejes escapar, recibirás una medalla, hasta un máximo de 3. Cada medalla aumenta tu velocidad de movimiento un 3/4/5 %. Cada acción ofensiva consume 1 medalla. Sólo una obsesión IconHelp obsession.png por partida.

"Los has engañado, ¿verdad, Michael? Pero a mi no" — Dr. Sam Loomis

Exclusiva de La Forma hasta nivel 35, luego puede enseñarse y usarse en otros Asesinos.

Dying Light Te obsesionas con un superviviente. La velocidad de la acción altruista de tu obsesión aumenta un 38/44/50 %. Una vez que la obsesión sea asesinada o sacrificada, el resto de supervivientes recibe una penalización de las velocidades de reparación, curación o sabotaje del 19/22/25 %. Sólo una obsesión IconHelp obsession.png por partida.

"Esto no es un hombre..." — Dr. Sam Loomis

Exclusiva de La Forma hasta nivel 40, luego puede enseñarse y usarse en otros Asesinos.

Load-out[editar | editar código]

Weapon: Kitchen Knife[editar | editar código]

MM Knife01.png

The Kitchen Knife is the Shape's primary weapon. An oversized blade with devastatingly sharp edges.

  • If he gets a successful hit on a Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png, the attack cool-down animation is the Shape examining his knife.
  • While in Evil Within III, he'll hold his knife upside down.

Poder: El Mal Interior[editar | editar código]

I met him, fifteen years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realised that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil.
~ Dr. Sam Loomis

His special ability is called "Evil Within", a 3-tier gauge which affects the Shape's ability to hunt differently for each respective phase. The Shape can stalk survivors, which fills up his current Evil Within phase. The Shape gains pure benefit from going up Evil Within stages, with the exception of his terror radius, which increases for each stage. Any survivors currently being stalked will be highlighted brightly, and more than one survivor can be stalked at once. Survivors that are hiding in foliage (corn, grass, shrubs, etc.) or are breaking line of sight will either delay or stop The Shape from gaining any points from stalking them.

Tier Description Audio Cues
FulliconPowers stalker1.png
  • Tremendously reduced Terror Radius (6 metres).
  • The Red Stain is hidden.
  • Slightly reduced Movement Speed (105 %).
  • Slightly reduced Lunge duration (0.2 seconds).
  • Normal Vaulting Speed (1.7 seconds)
  • Grants immunity to detection Perks.
Evil Within Tier-up Warning (no longer used)

FulliconPowers stalker2.png
  • Moderately reduced Terror Radius (16 metres).
  • Normal Movement Speed (115 %).
  • Normal Lunge duration (0.5 seconds).
  • Slightly increased Vaulting Speed (1.48 seconds).
Evil Within II Theme

FulliconPowers stalker3.png
  • Normal Terror Radius (32 metres).
  • Normal Movement Speed.
  • Slightly increased Lunge duration (0.6 seconds).
    • Attacks deal double damage.
      • Lasts for 60 seconds (default).
  • Moderately increased Vaulting Speed (1.275 seconds).
Evil Within III Theme

Evil Within III Tier-down

Upon reaching Tier II, The Shape can never fall back to Tier I. The colour of a Survivor's Aura determines how much evil is left in them (ranging from white/full to red/empty).

Power Trivia[editar | editar código]

  • Each Tier of Evil Within requires The Shape' to gain 5 points from draining evil from the Survivors.
    • The amount of total evil available in a Trial (40.4 points) is independent to how many Survivors load into the Trial, the evil is always evenly distributed across them at the start of the Trial.
      • If all 4 Survivors load into the Trial, each Survivor carries enough evil to be equivalent to 10.1 points.
  • The Shape can stalk Survivors within a range of 2.5 to 39.85 metres. The stalk's efficiency depends on The Shape's distance to the stalked Survivor, ranging from 100 % at closest range to 1 % at farthest range. With a stalk rate efficiency of 100 %, it takes The Shape 6 seconds to fill his stalk meter.
  • The Shape's movement speed is moderately reduced (set to 60 % of his base movement speed) while stalking passively (no Survivor in his FOV) and tremendously reduced (set to 20 % of his base movement speed) while stalking actively (Survivor in his FOV).

Stances[editar | editar código]

The Shape's stance or posture changes with each Tier of Evil Within and is also affected by certain Add-ons and Perks. A watchful Survivor can use this to their advantage, to be warned of potential danger.

Evil Within I[editar | editar código]

  • left hand relaxed and moving freely
  • blade pointing slightly outwards and moving freely when chasing
  • slightly stiff walk

Evil Within II[editar | editar código]

Similar to the Evil Within I idle stance

  • left hand is clenched to a fist
  • moves a lot more freely and similar to The Trapper IconHelpLoading trapper.png

Evil Within III[editar | editar código]

Similar to the Evil Within II stance

  • blade raised, pointing downwards

Unlockables affecting his Stance[editar | editar código]

  • Vanity Mirror FulliconAddon vanityMirror.png
    • Evil Within II stance remains the same as the Evil Within I stance.
  • Judith's Tombstone FulliconAddon judithsTombstone.png
    • All stances are the same as the default Evil Within I stance: relaxed left hand
    • The angle at which he holds his knife on Evil Within III changes and the relaxed hand shows his readiness to grab Survivors
  • Play with Your Food [[File:|32px|link=Play with Your Food]]
    • Each Token increases how much he clenches his left hand into a fist if he's in a stance that features a relaxed left hand.

Add-ons for Evil Within[editar | editar código]

Plantilla:Add-ons: Evil Within (Shape)

Achievements[editar | editar código]

Main article: Achievements

There are currently 3 Achievements related to The Shape. Plantilla:AchKillerSpecial

Customisation[editar | editar código]

Players can customise their Character by choosing one outfit style from each category. Blood-stained attire is obtained after The Shape reaches Level 50 and prestiges.

The Shape's attire includes:

Default[editar | editar código]

Plantilla:Micheal's Default Cosmetics

Prestige[editar | editar código]

Plantilla:Micheal's Prestige Cosmetics

DLC[editar | editar código]

Main article: Downloadable Content

The Shape is currently part of 1 DLC package:

Available DLC[editar | editar código]

Tips[editar | editar código]

  • It is practically impossible for every Survivor to hide from you well enough to the point where you cannot stalk them enough to get Evil Within II. However, they will do their best to slow it down and make it as difficult as possible.
  • Note that on Coldwind Farm, the corn will shield Survivors from stalking, even if they are visible normally. An exception is if you stalk from a high ground, and a Survivor is not crouched - they will be always visible in any nearby cornfield.
  • Note that you can "stock" on Evil Within. Essentially, you can leave Evil Within II on 99 % and you will have a full Evil Within III to use the instance you see a Survivor.
  • When in Evil Within I, your Terror Radius may be minuscule but your breathing can be heard well before it. Many experienced Players will be wary upon starting a match, and will be on the lookout for Killers in the distance. A way to mitigate this is to stalk Survivors behind cover, or on high places. Such examples are behind trees, on top of hills, on top of buildings, etc. Though it won't guarantee to stop them from noticing you, it is far better compared to walking up to a fairly close distance and watching them out in the open.
  • The Shape is ironically one of the easiest Killers to spot, as his near fluorescent white mask is very distinguishable.
  • Survivors often try to hide behind Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png, but you can still stalk them.
  • When stalking, your vision is severely tunnelled and your movement speed is reduced significantly.
  • The Teachable Perk Shadowborn IconPerks shadowborn.png will increase your field of view, making stalking slightly easier.
  • The Teachable Perk Monitor & Abuse IconPerks monitorAndAbuse.png will increase your field of view when you are not in a chase, making stalking slightly easier. It will also reduce the Terror Radius in that situation, making sneaking up very easy.
  • Stalked Survivors' Auras will slowly turn red the more evil is drained from them. Once a Survivor has been drained of all evil, they can no longer be stalked.

Trivia[editar | editar código]

  • The Shape's middle name is Audrey.
    • His full name is thus Michael Audrey Myers
  • The Shape is the first Killer to be introduced as paid DLC.
  • Michael Myers was the murderer featured in the Halloween horror franchise. In the first film, he kills his older sister and is sent to a mental hospital for almost two decades before escaping, only to return to his hometown on Halloween night and begin hunting the friends and family of Laurie Strode.
  • Michael's in-game name is a reference to the original 1978 Movie. During the credits, the role of "Michael Myers" is instead credited as "The Shape."
  • The music that plays when The Shape reaches Evil Within III is from the movie Halloween.
    • When Survivors are being stalked by The Shape when he is close to the next Evil Within Tier, Survivors will hear a remade version of The Hedge, which incidentally plays in the film whilst the protagonist Laurie Strode is being stalked.
    • Whenever The Shape changes tiers of Evil Within, a small tune following the Halloween main theme plays through the whole map. It is also the only audio indication of a Killer's power that does not get altered relative to distance, (i.e. The Nurse's muffled screeches upon blinking far away.)
    • The Terror Radius music that Survivors hear when near The Shape is a remake of the original Halloween track, The Hanger. The in-game track is unreleased and locked in the game files, data-miners have released it recently on the Steam Forums.
  • The Shape has a much smaller Terror Radius than the other Killers, depending on his ability's Tier.
  • The Shape has a small animated trail behind his knife when he swings.
  • In Evil Within III, The Shape lunges for 0.2 seconds longer than when in Evil Within II, giving him the longest lunge in the game.
  • In Evil Within III, The Shape's knife is in the way of the Stain, and occasionally reflects its red light.
  • The Shape's breathing is slightly different to how it is heard in the original film.
  • The Shape's Memento Mori is possibly a reference to how he kills people in the original film, as he often grabs people by the neck and either stabs them or simply suffocates them.
  • The Shape, in terms of appearance, is the cleanest Killer apart from a blood stain on his left shoulder and on his knife.
  • The Shape is one of four Killers that can instantly put Survivors into the Dying State IconHelp dying.png without any Perks IconHelp perks.png or Add-ons IconHelp addons.png.
  • The Shape is one of the few Killers whose default head skin is not named after the Killer's name.
  • The Shape was the second Killer to wear a face mask.
  • The Shape's left eye can be seen through his mask in the menu.
    • Under certain lighting conditions, both of his eyes are visible through the mask.
  • The Shape is the only Killer right now to have Add-ons that grant him the ability to kill Survivors.
  • The Shape was the first licensed Character alongside Laurie Strode.
  • The Shape is one of the most human-looking Killers in the game, as he doesn't have any unnatural alterations to his appearance like most of the other Killers.
  • The Shape changes his stance with each Tier of Evil Within:
    • In Evil Within I and II, The Shape holds his knife to his side, whereas in Evil Within III, he holds his knife up to his shoulder with the blade pointing outwards.
    • Evil Within I: His arms are down and close to his torso.
    • Evil Within II: His arms are more spread out to his sides.
    • Evil Within III: His right arm is raised above his head with his knife pointing down in a stabbing manner.
  • Back in the days, if you were stalking Survivors and nearing the limit for your current Evil Within Tier, all Survivors being stalked would hear an eerie audio cue a few seconds before the Tier ascends.

Galería[editar | editar código]

For more go to the Shape's Gallery

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